Financial Smarts & Financial Fails

Believe it or not, I could be much worse off if I hadn’t done a few things right over the years. That 100k debt could easily be double!

Financial Smarts


  • Went to community college for 2 years
  • Worked while pursuing my degree
  • Bought a house with a rental suite
  • Drive a dependable, low cost car (lobe my Prius!)
  • Took a job that offered a pension
  • Take advantage of my flexible spending account (FSA)
  • Pay more than the minimum on my credit cards each month
  • Have a good credit score
  • Have a small emergency fund

See? I did good (sometimes)!

Financial Fails

I’m just beginning to focus on paying my debts, but looking back it’s easy to see where I went wrong.


  • Have a mortgage with PMI (ouch!)
  • Opened too many credit card accounts which increased spend temptation
  • Didn’t use the money I earned while going to school to pay down my student debts
  • Got comfortable with having debt
  • Eat out (way, way) too much
  • Don’t have a weekly meal plan
  • Find it difficult to talk to my husband about money
  • Let the debt hold me back

I want to know: What are some of your biggest financial Smarts and financial fails? 

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