5 Ways to Reduce Your Grocery Bill This Week

Taking a cold, hard look at my grocery bill was one of the first things I did when I created a budget.  Mr. Frugal Camp and I were spending over $1,000 a month on food! And there’s only 2 of us.

This month, my grocery bill will be significantly less thanks to these 5 ways I reduced my grocery bill this week.


Create a meal plan for the week before you go shopping.  It will help you stick to your list and keep your isle wandering to a minimum.

There are a lot of great places to find cheap and easy meals online, like Pinterest and Plant Based on a Budget (free meal plans).

Who doesn’t like cheap and easy?

Eat what you have

Humor me and go look in your pantry.  I bet you have a lot of food on those shelves just waiting to be used.  I know I did!

I checked my pantry this week and I found great ingredients I needed to make lentil soup, cornbread, bean tacos, and chili.

Cut back on your meat and dairy consumption

Meat and dairy are expensive—no if’s, and’s or but’s about it!  Minimizing or cutting back on your meat and dairy purchases could really beef up your bank account!  (See what I did there? Haha).  There are many healthy and tasty alternatives to meat that won’t leave your bros wondering where you got your protein:

  • Beans (pinto beans have a whopping 15.5g of protein per cup)
  • Lentils (18g of protein per cup)
  • Tofu (10.1g of protein per half cup)
  • Seitan (21g of protein per 3oz)
  • Tempeh (21g of protein per 4oz)

With so many kinds of milk available at grocery stores, it’s easy to skip the dairy and try a nut milk.  I can get a carton of almond milk at Trader Joe’s for just $1.99.  That’s a deal!  Try:

  • Almond milk
  • Soy milk
  • Hemp milk
  • Cashew milk
  • Flaxseed milk

There’s literally a milk for anyone’s taste.

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting (IF) is awesome, healthy, and easy!  Plus, it can cut down on your food consumption and in turn, your grocery bill.

The easiest method to follow is the 16/8 fasting protocol.  You fast for 16 hours and consume all your food for the day in your 8-hour feeding window.  It’s that easy!

How can this help cut your grocery bill?  You’re essentially skipping breakfast and eating lunch and dinner.  It’s easy to overeat so limiting your feeding window prevents needless eating.

I follow a 19/5 or 20/4 protocol.  I BREAK my FAST at 3pm and I’m watching that grocery bill get smaller and smaller.  It also helps me save time, too (and no, I’m not starving).

Health benefits of IF include:

  • Fat burning and insulin regulation
  • Disease prevention
  • Inflammation reduction
  • Heart healthy

You can learn how to get started with IF by vising Dr. Sara Solomon or Leangains.

Mind the price

Sure, it would be nice if all cheap groceries were under one roof, but that’s hard to find, isn’t it?  You can either find a store with the lowest price for most of your items or have 2 or 3 stores you buy certain items at—think milk at Trader Joe’s and laundry detergent at Walmart.

Trader Joe’s has the lowest price average for my regular items, so I stick to one store.

Aldi is opening in my area soon, too so TJ’s might have some competition.

Look at weekly flyers and base your weekly meal plan off sale items.  You might have to go to more than one store, but if they’re close by it’s no biggie.

There are so many ways to reduce your grocery bill this week.  You could even combine all 5 of these tips to kick your grocery bill’s butt this week!

I’m on track to spend half of what I normally spend and that’s an awesome start!


How do you reduce your grocery spending?


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2 Responses

  1. Brian says:

    Cutting that grocery bill in half will go a long way towards reducing your debt. This was a big area of savings for us. We thought we were already pretty frugal with food, but when we got serious about it we went from about $1,200/month to $600 – $700 for a family of three. The fasting idea interests me – I have pre-diabetes – but I’m worried about how to deal with low blood sugar periods even if doing an intermittent fast. Definitely go to Aldi! It is amazing how much we save by shopping there. We also go to Sam’s and Food Lion for some things.

    • Jennifer says:

      The grocery bill was an easy cut. I never planned my meals and I just wandered around and picked things off the shelves. I was shopping without intention. Now I walk in with a plan and I don’t deviate. It makes saving money easy!

      I’ve started eating a bit healthier so I can improve my athletic performance. Cutting back on the junk food helps me save cash, too.

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