5 Fun & Frugal Activities 

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Can’t find anything to do on the cheap? Let me help! I’ve got some great frugal activities to share with you.

1. Hiking

Since we’ve only just met, you don’t know my vast love for the outdoors. That why hiking is my number 1 favorite frugal activity.

Think hiking is hard? It’s only as hard as you want it to be. There are trails for everyone out there. Short, long, difficult, or easy and everything in between.

The best part? It’s so inexpensive and the only requirement is working legs.

You can go hiking at your local park or go to state and national parks. State and local parks usually have entrance fees, but they are typically low and go back into the preservation of the park. Totally worth it.

I’ve gone hiking locally, but also in Shenandoah, Rocky Mountain, and Yosemite National Parks. Some of the most amazing views of my lifetime have been on top of mountains.

Free hiking @ Harpers Ferry


Yosemite’s Mirror Lake


Mountain views @ Rock Mountain

Now go get out there to enjoy the fresh air, awesome views, and time with your friends and family!

2. Game Night

Is the weather too crappy to hike? Is it dark and you don’t want to be attacked by a snake? Then settle in, invite some friends over, and pull out a board game.

Whether it’s a simple game like rummy, a strategic game of Catan, or an extremely inappropriate game of Cards Against Humanity, you’ll have a lot of laughs!

Have your friends bring games too so you have many hours of *free* entertainment.

My friends and I often host game nights and it’s a lot of fun! Sometimes we have so many people that there are multiple games going at once 🙂

3. Camping

Want to get away for the night or weekend on the cheap? Here’s your chance!

Camping is great for couples and families alike. There are many different campgrounds with special activities for families.

Camp sites are only about $15 to $20 a night and there’s almost always hiking near by. Compounding frugal activities is what I’m all about (Yay Camp Frugal)!

Camping gear I don’t leave home without:

Bring your own food, pick up some firewood at the campground store, and spend some time in nature. What could be better?

4. Library

Libraries have thousands of hours of entertainment just sitting on shelves! Get engrossed in a mystery or learn a new skill. The possibilities at the library are almost limitless.

The new library near me will feature tool lending and a workshop. I’m going to craft like crazy when it opens!

The libraries in my county also feature some great classes like

  • 3D design and printing
  • Art classes
  • Book discussion groups
  • Ukulele classes

That last one was a surprise, but I’m down with learning the ukulele!

I bet you’d be surprised to learn what your library system offers, too!

5. Community concerts

Yes, this is only when the weather is nice, but what a fun way to spend a summer evening!

My community regularly holds free concerts in the park. It’s always free and it’s always fun.

You might get lucky and meet some cool people to invite to your next game night!

What are your favorite frugal activities?

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