RV pellet stoves: what you need to know

RV Pellet Stoves: A complete guide for 2021

Over the years I’ve considered many options for heating my RV, it seems that no matter what I try, keeping my RV warm in an affordable way just never works too well and finding the best RV heating source is nowhere to be found.

I’ve noticed that most of my heat escapes through the RV windows as well as my microwave vent and most electrical and oil appliances are just too darn expensive.

Up until now I’ve relied on a portable propane heater but really despise lugging  those little propane bottles around, I’ve just never been a fan. 

Fast forward to today, I can tell you my favorite way to heat my RV is a pellet stove. For those of you who don’t know what these are, it acts like a modern furnace that burns little compacted pellets from different biofuel sources mainly from waists from wood waste such as corn stalk, and sawmill wood.

Pellet stove
Pellet stove

The neat thing about these wood pellets is they burn cleaner than wood and give off less obnoxious smoke and are better for the environment.The cost efficiency of burning wood pellets is WAY better than oil or propane.

Pellet stoves are very efficient and I’ve found they are the best at heating RV’s cheaply. Here is a great article explaining how they work for houses which will be similar to the ones that work in RVs.

Theres a reason this is Amazons top seller in pellet stoves. This unit provides 55,000 BTU’s and will heat up to 2,800 square feet!

This stove is extremely quiet for having such a powerful blower that runs off 110 volts. 

We also love that it comes with a 1 year parts warranty and great technical assistance which comes in handy when installing. 

Some other great features of this stove include the large window bay for viewing which is always the norm for pellet stoves. 

This stove also comes with a an awesome remote that will allow you to fully control the stove from across the room.


  • Very quiet stove 
  • Cleaning is a breeze ( we recommend a vacuum)
  • Most people agree this stove has no hiccups after years of daily use

This powerful pellet stove will get you through the coldest of nights in your RV. It holds up to 40 pounds of pellets.

It has an automatic comfort control system that will allow you to turn one know to control the heat level that will automatically control the stove to keep that temperature.

This stove also contains an integrated diagnostic  system to help you troubleshoot any problems.

One thing we really like about this stove is the automatic built in blower and wont  distract you from a movie or reading.

Overall I think this stove is hard to beat, its a beautiful classy looking stove and you can set your temp and forget about it.


  •  Has a really nice 24 hour controller 
  • Extremely efficient so you use less pellets 
  • Installation was breeze, very simple

The comfortbilt HP50 is a great option for smaller RVs and lower budgets.

Its super attractive, yet still has the functions of the higher end pellet stoves. It contains a 47 pound hopper and will put out 42,000 BTUs and heat up to 2200 square feet which is impressive at this price point. 

This stove also has a 1 year parts warranty and is built in North Carolina. The instructions that come with this unit is also great along with a fantastic support team. 


  • Huge hopper is great for cold nights 
  • Beautiful design
  • Quick heating time
  • High output, lowest setting is usually good enough

This is one of my all time favorite pellet stoves. I think has a very modern luxury look to it.

This wood pellet stove is highly efficient coming in at over 90% with its 22 pound capacity and smart control system.

It consists of four levels to determine the warmth setting you’re looking for. Did I mention it is also controlled by a remote so you don’t have to get up to turn it up or down?

The stove has a max burning time of 16.6 hours with dimensions of  width :17 height 29.5 x depth : 19 inches


  • Nice removable ash pan
  • Well built, made of cast iron and steel
  • Has a really neat smart controller and can be set to automatic

Our top pick

Castle Serenity Wood Pellet Stove with Smart Controller

With all of the options we listed above its really tough to pick a favorite, however we believe this stove will give you the best bang for your buck while still having the top of the line quality you expect. 

The smart controller lets you choose manual, thermostat or weekly operational modes to heat your rv at the time you choose. There’s no need to worry about excess heat burning through your rv — the smart controller will heat your rv efficiently as possilbe.

 The smart controller allows you to choose manual, thermostat and Weekly operational modes to heat your rv on your schedule.

The stove is incredibly easy to clean (we like to vaccum it while its cold) an super easy to ignite. Overall we don’t think you can beat this if its your first stove. 

Best budget pellet stove

Ashley Hearth

We think the Ashley Hearth is hands down the best bang for your buck. It has the build quality, looks and efficiency of the more expensive models. 

The only draw back is the hopper size is 22 pounds compared to some of the bigger stoves pushing 50.

The heating control on this unit is great, and paired with the price its a no brainer.

Pellet stove accessories

When installing your pellet stove its a great idea to pick up a good vent installation kit. This kit is designed for horizontal installations only. 

This is a cheaper, more flexible aluminium vent kit for your pellet stove. Includes a face plate, moisture barrier and two clamps. 

Just keep in mind this is a 2″ kit vs the above which is a 3 inch kit. You can order either size just check with your stove dimensions to see what you need.

What look for in a pellet stove

BTU rating

The main thing I advise when shopping for is consider the BTU’s the heater will put out. I suggest using this calculator to determine what size you’ll need.


Size and placement of the stove


While most pellet stoves are smaller than other types of stoves you’ll still need to consider the size of the stove and where to place it. Keep in mind you’ll have to install a vent for the stove and the placement of the stove will depend on where you can do this.


Hopper and ash tray capacity


This will depend on how much usage your stove will be getting by I suggest at least finding a hopper that holds 25lbs of pellets. If you’ll be using the stove quite frequently I suggest find an even larger hopper that holds up to 50lbs so you won’t have to fill it as often.


Manual ignition vs Automatic ignition

 This is not a deal breaker for myself but some people like having the ability to start the stove automatically and not dealing with manual ignition. 


How to start a pellet stove?

  1. First off fill your hopper with the proper pellets and then turn on your stove auger allowing pellets to fall into the “pot” where they can burn.. 

Make sure to turn the auger off to prevent more pellets dropping while starting.

  1. Next you’ll need to open your pot door and add fuel to ignite the pellets ( gel or a physical starter). Next light the stove like you would a grill, using a long butane lighter. Once the pellets are ignited close your pot burn door. 
  2. Wait for all the pellets to be fully ignited; they turn red around the edges when burning. It may take a few minutes for all the pellets to catch on fire.
  3. Lastly turn on your blower and auger allowing more pellets to fall and push the hot air into your RV to keep you nice and cozy. 

If you need more help with starting your pellet stove this is a great place to learn.

How to clean a pellet stove?

Luckily pellet stoves are easy to clean, first remove the ash from your burn pot using a vacuum then use the tool that comes with the stove to get the surface more clean. If your model doesn’t come with a brush a simple wire brush from a hardware store will be fine.

How to clean a pellet stove pipe?

For this I recommend vacuum any loose debris or carbon build up. From here I would also clean using a pipe cleaner solution designed for stoves. If you’d like further information check out this guide here.

How to clean pellet stove glass?

Cleaning glass of pellet stoves is super simple. It is completely safe to use a windex or eco friendly alternative. 

Are pellet stoves safe for rvs?

Yes absolutely, as long as you make sure the exhaust is being pulled properly and you have a carbon dioxide smoke detector installed.


We hope this article has been helpful with choosing a pellet stove. I wholeheartedly believe that pellet stove are the way to go for heating RVs. 


At first they might seem confusing but once you have one installed properly you’ll always have a warm and cozy RV on those cold nights and sleep knowing you aren’t wasting the bank on poor heating appliances. 

If you’re interested in one of our other favorite upgrades, solar panels, check out our guide here.


Happy Camping 🙂

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