The Best Folding Camping Chairs

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No matter how you like to go camping, a folding table is likely an essential piece of gear. Whether you’re eating, drinking, or using a table to play cards around, tables bring people together in the heart of the great outdoors. These moments will form some of your fondest memories.

 No matter how you like to go camping, a folding table is likely an essential piece of gear.

Luckily there are a variety of styles and sizes available, so if you’re at the park with your family or climbing to the top of a mountain all by yourself, there is a table that will fit your situation.


Top 5 Best Camping Chairs for 2021

No matter what size group you’re planning to have over, ALPS Mountaineering’s Dining Table will accommodate. It comes in a selection of sizes and the extra-large version can seat up to eight adults. With no cross supports on the table, you’ll be able to get your chairs underneath it, too. After all, this table is ideal for group campers. Although the table does have a higher than average price tag, it does meet many requirements.


Powder-coated aluminum X-frame that is lightweight and stable. Specifically designed to offer you stability and comfort, the table does not have any interfering side supports, so you can sit up at the table comfortably without hitting your knees. With tabletop and frame that collapse quickly and easily slide into a convenient shoulder carry bag for easy storage or transport. Great for playing cards, eating dinner, or any other tailgate event.

Regular Dimensions: 28″ W x 43″ L x 28″ H, Weight: 12 lbs

Square Dimensions: 31″ W x 31″ L x 28″ H, Weight: 9 lbs.

Extra Large Dimensions: 28″ W x 55″ L x 28″ H, Weight: 14 lbs.

Ideal for camping and outdoor cookouts, this ultra-compact folding table can be carried anywhere with its included carrying bag. The snap-together design assembles and folds up easily with the aluminum slat top and strong steel frame providing ample support. Offering enough seating room for four people, it fits into tight spaces. A perfect addition to outdoor parties and gatherings.

A new portable tabletop is here that’s ideal for outdoor parties and gatherings.


The table is very lightweight and therefore super easy to transport. Everything fits easily into the carrying case. The table can be assembled and disassembled in less than 5 minutes. It’s perfect for camping or any outdoor event because it’s easy to assemble on location. This is a great table if you’re looking for something small and quick, it won’t replace a picnic table but great for on the spot quick meals 

Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 28.5 inches; 8.86 Pounds

This sleek folding table designed with extra large space to meet customer needs for camping. The table features an adjustable leg that can extend and retract to fit uneven surfaces.  The open structure at the bottom of the table offers extra storage space and allows more items to be kept on the table. Featuring an aluminum slat table top, the portable table can be rolled up for easy carrying.


The table is packaged in a very sturdy bag the size of a standard camping chair. To open it, you simply pull on the two long sides to open it. The legs spring out automatically as you open the bag. The legs adjust automatically to various heights and lock into place with precise clicks. You then unroll the top of the table and snap it easily into place.


  • Open Dimension: 47.2” L x27.6” W x28.3” H
  • Folded Dimension: 6.7” L x5.9” W x48” H
  • Weight:12.1 LBS
  • Weight Capacity: 66 LBS

 This option is somewhat different but we had to include because it is great for those sudden picnics and need bench space.  


This folding picnic table comes with 2 aluminum stools set comes in a case and makes it easy to set up! The seats fold down flat for compact storage while traveling. To use, simply unfold the table top and adjust the height to the right level. It’s durable and lightweight, making it easy to carry and transport.


Crafted with a thick, high-quality aluminum frame and a tripod base on the bottom that is fixed to the table to ensure and maximise  durability and sturdiness.



20-28 inches adjustable table height suitable for different usage situations. 

Table size: 35L x 26W inches 

Chair size: 34L x 10W x10H inches.

This FiveJoy camping table is wildly popular with the camping community for good reasons, and we agree.


This table is made of an aluminum alloy frame for a sturdy, lightweight table that’s also durable. The MDF tabletop surface is both waterproof and easily cleaned for use on camping trips.

 Despite its rugged build, this table won’t weigh you down. Made of an aluminum alloy frame for a sturdy, yet lightweight table that’s also durable. The MDF tabletop surface is both waterproof and easily cleaned.


The compact table weighs only 10 lbs and holds up to 66 lbs. Silver – white coated metal legs and non-slip rubber feet hold the table in place.

The lightweight, compact table supports a load capacity up to 66 lbs.  Stainless steel legs and non-skid rubber feet hold it in place.


Installing the folding camping table is a piece of cake. It sets up in seconds, and it folds down quickly with the help of an intuitive side lock. The table also comes with a handy handle for easy toting.

What you should look for in camping tables?



When choosing a camping table, you should also factor in portability. Price, stability, and design are also important, but the most important factors are how easily it can be moved from one place to another and how much it weighs. Weight is the most important factor.

 When choosing a camping table, you should also factor in portability.



If you are on a camping trip with your significant other, there is no need for something extravagant. A simple end-table would suffice. If you are taking your family to the woods for a huge feast, however, you will need to be more careful and get a larger table.


Ease of use:

It doesn’t matter if the table is cheap or extremely well-made. If you need a degree in engineering to assemble it, it’s not a great choice. In particular, the last thing you need is to spend another your precious time  messing around, trying to figure out which screw goes where.



Consider what you plan to use your table for. The best camp tables are tall enough to be used while standing; the best for dining leaves enough leg room under the table. For families with kids, a lower frame will be better; the most versatile tables come with adjustable frames to alter the height.

Consider what you plan to use your table for. A tall table is the best for cooking or food preparation; a long table is best-suited for dining.


Design and leg room

If your main use is for playing cards or camping, rather than cooking, you might prefer a table without cross supports. These strong bases can often hold more weight. Their only tradeoff is leg room. If you are mainly using your table for dining or cooking, you should go for the support system.

Camping tables with cross-supports provide a stronger base and can often hold more weight. The only tradeoff is leg room.


 We contend that many different types of camping tables exist. Each table has its own strengths and weaknesses. We hope that this review provides you with the necessary insight to find the best table for your needs.

We researched everything we want to know if we were buying these tables for ourselves and did our best to score them on their performance. One size does not fit all.


As always, Happy Camping 🙂

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