The Best Camping Lights for 2022

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You’ve got your sleeping bag, tent, prepared what you’re going to eat and loaded up on gear for and weather, but what do you have for lighting at night?

 The old garage flashlight that you have to cross your fingers will work won’t cut it. Most people underestimate just our essential lighting is while camping. 

Luckily in 2021 there are a plethora of options on the market, some great and some not so good.. In this review we cut through the poor choices so you have a reliable lighting  source that will keep everyone happy while camping.

The Best Camping Lights

The Vont camping lantern is a unique and really cool design to help take less space while not in use. The handles unfold and you pull the top half of the lantern to the top, essentially doubling its height.

 This compact lantern has 30 bright LED’s that light up the entire room. It’s lightweight and easy to bring about. A great tool for camping and any other outdoor activities.

One cool thing about its design is you can pull the lantern out as much or as little as you want to control how dim it is.

How it performs

This lantern is extremely bright, and surprisingly  the batteries last a very long time. This comes in a pack of 4 which was plenty for us.

Like most Coleman products, this lantern does a great job packing a punch for the price. 

 This 1000 Lumens LED Lantern with BatteryGuard stops battery drain so you have power when you need it most. 


Conventionally, lanterns suffer from residual battery drain as long as batteries are connected to the circuit. With BatteryGuard, the built-in circuitry disconnects batteries from the circuit when the lantern is turned off, extending their life by up to 25% while extending battery capacity by reducing the amount of energy lost through resistive discharge.

How it performs

We  really like the location of the power switch on top of this lantern. It’s extremely easy to locate and turn on at night, even in total darkness.

 It also makes it easy to find if you’re looking straight at the lantern in complete darkness of a camping site. The rotary power switch makes it easier to turn off when you don’t need the lamp.

This lantern won’t blind you when you turn it on and also it is a nice natural color.

 Brighten any area with the Eveready Collapsible Camping LED Lantern. Its durable construction makes it extremely reliable as an emergency light and even when collapsed into a compact flashlight.

 With convenient top handles, it can be carried as a lantern or collapsed it into a single beam flashlight with side holding handle for up to 91 meters of distance.

 An incredible light. It delivers 360° of area light with 280 lumens as a lantern and 60 lumens of light as a spotlight. 

Illuminate your path on a hiking or camping trip, light up small places during DIY projects, or brighten the inside of your home during a power outage. 

In red night vision mode it’s the perfect light for nighttime outdoor activities, but it also has an extremely durable construction, heavy-duty base.

How it performs

It was impressive what these lanterns can do, it can be used as a flashlight and easily carried using one of the carrying handles (there are 3 different handles), this also had a red emergency signal light that flashes at different speeds, your choice by pushing the button, all of these lights are very bright.

Overall, we really enjoyed this lantern and how versatile this lantern is.


We think every camp site needs not only a few good lanterns but also headlamps when you need to use your hands.

Below are a couple of options that we have enjoyed.

This head lamp is  a great piece of camping gear. It fits your head perfectly and allows you to be hands free in low light conditions without being hindered. It’s very bright ( 165 foot beam) and allows you to change the angle with three different positions. 

It’s waterproof, superlight and has an impressive battery life of 45 hours! Overall, this is a great budget headlamp that you can grab a couple for a low price.

This is our top pick of headlamps buts is a little more expensive but in the long will pay off. 


This 400 lumen head lamp is very impressive. Its designed to operate in all light and weather conditions. Its has six different light settings and has a high optical efficiency to save battery life. 

The black diamon also has three colored night vision modes to improve vision at night and a peripheral mode for close up activities. 



All we can say is the is the best headlamp hands down, it is awesome. Even though you’re paying a little more than other brands we still think its a great value.

 Its provides more than enough light in every situation we had it in and we love the peripheral vision setting. It camp really hand inside tents.


We hope this article helped you choose lighting sources for your camp site. LIke we said previously everyone should have a lanter but they also would really benefit from a headlamp.

For some reason they don’t get as much attention as flashlights but we think they’re more useful while camping or almost any other setting. Happy Camping:)

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