How to Open an Rv Emergency Window from Outside

Most RVs have at least one emergency window that allows you to manually open the window from the outside in the event of an emergency. There are three basic types: side, rear, and front-side windows. Side windows can be difficult to access because of their placement, so a front-side or rear window might be your best bet if you need to get out quickly. To open an RV emergency window from the outside, use these steps.

Finding your emergency window

Find your emergency window by looking for a sticker on the RV door. Once you find it, pull the tab that says “Emergency Exit” or “Emergency Exit Push.” This will cause a bracket inside the RV to push up on the window.

Next, turn the crank to open the window until it’s at least halfway up.

Now, you should be able to open and close your RV emergency window from outside with no problem!

Opening the emergency window from outside

1. Locate the latch on the window you are trying to open.

2. Use a screwdriver to open the latch and swing the window outward.

3. Lift and slide the window up as far as possible to allow for easy entry and exit of your RV.

Closing the emergency window from outside

Before closing the window, you may want to make sure you have everything you need for your next destination.

Closing the window from the outside is a bit more difficult than opening it because the glass might be broken. To close it, you’ll need to remove a metal strip from the frame and then use two pieces of wire (such as old ribbon) to tie together one end of each piece of wire. Next, tie one end of each wire to the exposed metal strip. Now loop one end of each wire on either side of the exposed metal strip so that they can be pulled back toward each other at a right angle before being twisted together. When this is done, pull them tight and twist them together for added strength. This will create a mechanism for holding down the window in place until it can be repaired from inside.

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